Oronzo's scenarios and equipement

Temporary homepage for ORONZO'S EFILE AND SCENARIOS

Built and designed by Oronzo Venturoso from 1998 to 2003

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Equipement File

notes : Oronzo equipement file requires a graphic update called 'Datup' and a sound update called 'Soundup'.
The unofficial patch v.2.20 is also required to use the efile's 1000+ units.
Get both updates and unofficial patch from the PG2 Upgrade center.


download Oronzo efile 'Range 1' (january 2003 edit)

download Oronzo efile 'Range 2' (january 2003 edit)
with this version all units can fire at range 2 and thus it provides an entirely new battle feeling


INFO for the Oronzo efile
(updated Oct 2008)


download Oronzo effects

« NEW ADDITIONS ARE: Battlefeild Explosions and smoke added to wounded units! New Flags added (Japan,Nationalist China,Slovakia,Canada,and Croatia) Mouse odds removed. This is for a player who wants to create a realistic wargame and realistic battlefeild situation as you will not have a battle forecast. This prevents you from deciding on not attacking a enemy unit because the odds are not stacked in your favor,it also creates a situation where if you attack a unit with your planes you will not see the FlaK damage forecast and you will therefore have to make a decision and not rely on the forecast. It also prevents your tanks from over-running 4 units in a row by waiting till over-run stats are in your favor in the forecast screen. »

*note that now new flags can be added more easely thanks to the Flagshifter tool. (available on Steve Brown site)

MODS for Oronzo efile :

2005 Mod by Konzev (beta version) - last Datup and Soundup are required as well as Unofficial Patch PG2UK210

2004 Mod by Pat : Range 1 & Range 2 - last Datup is required (only icons were modified)


More on Oronzo Efile (wiki)



Symbol of the Ariete Armour Division


all these scenarios are by Oronzo unless when noticed. some of them had an experience bar problem. this has been fixed.

Download maps from this website : Gilestiel's Map finder for PGII

Lake Khasan Vladivostok map Scenario by Toliy 1938 - Pacific
Khalkin Gol Nomonhan map Scenario by Toliy 1939 - Pacific
Division Azul must hold! SSI map 17 turns 1943 - Eastern Front
Few Returned SSI map 15 turns 1942 - Eastern Front
Weathering the Storm SSI map 26 turns 1945 - Eastern Front
Cossacks are coming SSI map 14 turns 1944 - Balkans
Il Duce's Finest SSI map 15 turns 1941 - North Africa
The Soviet sacking of Italian occupied Greece SSI map 27 turns 1945 - Greece
The Slovak Mobile Division SSI map 16 turns 1942 - Eastern Front
Ariete Breakthrough SSI map 18 turns 1943 - North Africa
Osel Landings Osel 21 turns 1943 - Eastern Front
The Puma Prowls SSI map 10 turns 1944 - Eastern Front
Word of the Dolphin Guam 21 turns 1944 - Pacific
The Siege of Buda-Pest SSI map 30 turns 1944 - Eastern Front
Cold Crocodiles SSI map 14 turns 1945 - Western Front
The Besieging of Madrid Berlin 24 turns 1939 - Spanish civil war
The Sunday of the Dead SSI map 14 turns 1941 - North Africa
Compass Sandstorm SSI map 28 turns 1940 - North Africa
Winter War SSI map 22 turns 1939 - Eastern front
Clogged Roads SSI map 16 turns 1940 - Western front
Italian Thrust into Greece SSI map 28 turns 1941 - Western Front
Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay Sakhalin 14 turns 1943 - Eastern Front
Avanti Celere! SSI map 15 turns 1942 - Eastern Front
Slovaks in Poland SSI map 16 turns 1939 - Eastern front
Gruppo Mobile SSI map 16 turns 1943 - Western front
The Legion
The Bear mauls the Crescent
Le Buisson (Marne) SSI map 13 turns 1940 - Western front
Sardinian Landings
Age Old Foes SSI map 13 turns 1939 - Eastern Front
Operation Sealion
Turkey invades Bulgaria
Night Raid
Suppression Ruhr 20 turns 1945 - Germany
Carpathian Blut SSI map 16 turns 1945 - Eastern front

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